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Licensing Model


With our license you can:
  • Use contents for publishing, advertising (please see restrictions for commercial use on our editorial content), blogging, digital projects, print, etc. There is no print run or circulation limit, nor an extended license. Just buy your license and go for your project. Our license is “one shot”, which means you can use the content in a project for as long as you wish but if you want to use the same content in another project you have to buy another license. Why is that?
  • Pickers are our (and yours!) most important resource. They deserve to get the right compensation for what they do
  • Most of the times, a specific image or video is not used again in a different project. Wouldn’t it be boring otherwise?
You need an image for an advertising campaign on print, web and social. You can use the license for all of these media, for that specific project, for as long as you wish.
Or you need a video for a client's convention. Fine. Then this video needs to go on the web to illustrate the convention. Fine. Then another client wants a youtube video and for some reason you want to use the same video. In this case you have to buy another license.
Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Click here to read the full license terms and conditions.